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Featured in the Resort Realty Mag again this year, thank you !

October 20th, 2012

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Harvard Swim Team Graduate Denis Sirringhaus Loves Rachel, an adorable bride

October 13th, 2012

A Beach Wedding and Dramatic Twilight Evening at Whalehead Club Beach in Corolla NC. I was welcomed by an infusion of the entire Harvard Graduate Swim Team and a gorgeous, shy bride. This lovely evening was beautiful to watch, but not as much as this adorable couple loving each other. Congratulations Rachel and Denis

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Nikki and Adam’s last minute bash

August 30th, 2011

This adorable couple opted for an intimate beach wedding ceremony and reception at Kitty Hawk Pierhouse at the Hilton Garden in located in Kitty Hawk, NC. They invited just forty of their closest friends and family whom all helped create this couples dream beach wedding. I just wanted to take this amazing last minute wedding, bride, and groom and put them in my pocket to show everybody I know. Gorgeous and  full of pep and vigor, I fell for them instantly , and they were married on a Tuesday, it’s easy to see why that was my favorite day of the week that week.   – Julie

photos byJulie Dreelins Photography/Videography Inc.

Julie Dreelins Beach Productions photography and videography at Kitty Hawk Pier in Kitty Hawk, NC

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  1. Lindsay Perrmann says:

    LOVE THE PICTURES! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Lindsay Perrmann says:

    Nicki you look gorgeous! Adam you look good too! Love you both so much!

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Dr. “Kerry” marries Dr. “Kevin” on the OBX

June 29th, 2011

June 4th 2011

The merging of these two extremely smart lovebirds for their Outer Banks Wedding was more than just a mere walk on the beach.  This wedding  took place in one of our favorite wedding houses, The Saltaire Wedding House and Bed and Breakfast. Every little detail in this house is cared for by it’s fabulous owner Ron Forlano, from the gorgeous antique molded corners and staircase to the perfectly positioned bar and game rooms, they really do have all bases covered to make for a perfect Duck, NC wedding venue.  So I’m dreaming these lovely thoughts on the way to the wedding, knowing all of the fabulous favorite locations at this house that we can snap some amazing photos at, then we arrive . . .just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better I come into an amazing array of DIY touches, a welcome sign made by the bride and groom, balloons which you all know that I just love in every way, the Mr. and Mrs. signs on the back of their chairs, antique vases, and to top it off, the logo of their names which are now the same, both now have initials of KAM – made for each other or what?

photos by Julie  of Julie Dreelins Photography/Videography Inc

vendors: Embellishers, The Saltaire Wedding House and Bed and Breakfast

Outer Banks Beach Wedding by Julie Dreelin's Beach Productions, The Saltaire, Duck, NC

Outer Banks Beach Wedding by Julie Dreelin's Beach Productions, The Saltaire, Duck, NC

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An Artist Photographer, Please?

June 16th, 2011

Natalie and Kawa

May 7th 2011

This was not just any normal Outer Banks wedding that I have ever photographed, this couple was special.  I have fallen head over heals in love with this hold-your-breath fabulous couple!  Artistic . . .so artistic and so madly in love.  They wanted to bring that art out in their beach wedding in Corolla, NC, so they hired Chris Bickford and I, Julie Dreelin, am a Team Event and let us at it!  Chris and I edited the photos separately, I cannot wait to see his half of the images in the next month or so.

This DIY couple made their own logo for the wedding, beans and trees sprouting and went to the trouble of carting a huge honker of a tree onto the beach to portray that theme.  It rocked!  Not only did it provide shade, but it was another artistic masterpiece from this Doctor and Entrepreneur.  And there’s more! I literally couldn’t stop smiling at the gorgeous flowers, great job Embellishers . . and the stained glass piece that they made together or the adorable little clay figures the groom made of them himself – ps . . .it looked exactly like them!  The evening held the grooms traditional family dances that all joined into and of course, the now super popular DIY photo booth, a Beach Productions idea, that goes wild when the florists and brides and grooms get a hold of it! The rest of the evening held an emotional, truly memorable toast and dinner at candelight sunset.  Can you say . . . perfect?

photos and video  by Julie  and Chris Bickford of Julie Dreelins Photography/Videography Inc



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In love with COLOR!

June 10th, 2011

Jessica and Brad

May 14th 2011

OK, I’m a  destination wedding junkie, I live at the beach, cherish the beach, and get to photograph beach weddings, which is gorgeous especially since I am a color freak!  Reds, Pinks and Oranges together like this wedding adds even more to my amazing job. – These colors were a perfect contrast to the sand on the beach at this Corolla wedding, and WOW!  The color pop, as always shown when using the amazing Renee Landry Style for decorations and flowers just blew our socks off when we found all of the details to photograph on the beach.   OK, and I must say my favorite color of the day came from the little girls cowboy boots hand dyed by the groom himself for his special girl!   Converse shoes, a raging cocktail party, and a fabulous sunset, we enjoyed photographing this one! – J

From the Bride:

“I am speechless…  The photos are amazing, fabulous and perfect!
Xo jessica”

photos and video  by Julie  and Mike of Julie Dreelins Photography/Videography Inc

vendors:Currituck Club/Corolla, Rene Landry Style, Coastal Events Coordinators


Comments [2]

  1. Jessica Ward says:

    Truly perfect! The pictures are simply amazing! You guys didn’t miss a thing! You captured every little detail. I love the energy and “fun” factor that you brought with you that day! Thank you for everything… You have left me with a HUGE smile on my face…


  2. Karen Kelly says:

    All I can say is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Julie, Jess, amd Brad for making May 14, 2011 a day to remember!

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